Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is Sound?

Sound is perfect. We and our instruments are imperfect. We damage or poorly recreate sound waves and they slowly lose something as they move through the air. So what is our role as listeners? Do we try to perfect our ability to recreate or process sound or do we just give up and make sound what we want it to be? It will never be perfect anyway.

This is a philosophical question about truth and authenticity the answer to which plays out in the relationship we have with our surroundings. And this is important because it helps us understand our preferences.

Do you care about sound? Do you care about it being perfect? Or do you care that it just not suck?

This is an important question. I will tell you where I stand, but you have to tell me where you stand first. Don't miss out.


Aldus Logan said...

Thanks for sharing with us.

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AX Hosting said...

You have compelled all of us to give attention to the sound that whether it is perfect or imperfect.

Rachel Scott said...

Sound is important when it comes to learning ....!!

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