Monday, April 7, 2008

Gender Roles Reversed

Now this is really interesting. Geisha guys. Its not a surprise that both men and women begin to behave differently once income is more equally distributed between both groups. We've seen examples of this for years. Women are a group in society increasingly targeted by political add makers and marketing execs. When will there be a Bunny Ranch for - er, Dude Ranch... When will there be a Dude Ranch, Stud Farm, Man Palace, you get the point?

It is interesting that this article talks about a woman's interest in Geisha guys, what about men interested in Geisha guys? They must exist.

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Sam Grace said...

I can't help but think of the Japanese doramas I've watched. At least two of them involve businesswomen who have given up their "traditional roles" to succeed in their careers. Both have to learn to soften up and accept the younger free-spirited man into their lives. The question is, is this a change? Is the older businesswoman with the younger man a gender reversal? Or is it more of the same? The message in those dramas seems pretty clearly to say that women need to stay in touch with their emotional sides and that finding a man who shares their passion is a recipe for disaster. In short, equality in relationships doesn't work, somebody's gotta be "the sheep" as what's-his-name-comedian the other night said.

Also, I believe you mean, when will their be a Jackrabbit Ranch - as in, one with males, not one FOR women, per se. And, does that even hold up as a comparison, because I bet such an establishment would get at least as many men looking for men as it would heterosexual women. Perhaps more, given the queer community's relative openness about sex work as compared with the more conservative straight women's cultures. (Although you might get queer women, too!)